Zango, our view


Zango (Mauritius) Ltée is the software editor of the ZP solution. The company was created following the conclusion of its founder, Eric COQUELIN that many existing solutions were not suitable due to the African market price positioning or flexibility of services to effectively support customers.

The success of our offer is based on the adoption of it by customers, constituents or prospects of our clients. It is for this reason that from the very start of the project, we insist to be in contact with the teams in charge of communications so that they share with us their expectations based on their experience.

Each country, company or organization has its own culture and the design of our offer takes into account precisely the need for flexibility.

Because we know that our clients IT teams are not dedicated to the deployment of our solution, we propose to work as independently as possible.

Finally, we argue for the autonomy of our customers once the solution is deployed. This objective is taken into account in our offer to make the learning curve the fastest and accessible to as many people as possible.

Zango was selected in August 2013 to integrate Ebene Accelerator, an incubator for companies with high growth potential. Ebene Accelerator is an initiative of the Ministry of Finance Government of Mauritius.