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Improve communication

ZP is a convergent solution which includes publishing, content management and notification modules. It allows mass documents creation, archiving, consultation and mass notifications.

Free to choose

Your customers would like to receive their usual documents in a different format? Let them choose!


Efficient communication

Some customers complain about receiving their documents by mail? With ZP, they could opt for email or SMS notifications.



With the built-in monitoring tool, you will prevent issues and solve them before the complaints are raised. All past notifications, including communication content, are available. You will be able to provide an efficient support.


Save the trees

Thanks to ZP, you will promote electronic exchanges and reduce paper communications. You save trees and money. What else? Another thing…


Communicate with the right formatEfficient notification to your customersTrackingReduce ecological footprint



ZP is deployed within the Information System of your company, integrate with your data referential, format raw data in order to produce expected documents based on a predefined template.

You do not rely on your software editor or system integrator to change your templates because ZP comes with a template editor. XF Designer is a product from Ecrion (, a US based company. This editor, which layout is very similar to Microsoft Word, allows any functional users to create or modify any templates.

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With ZP, you can now propose an unlimited number of formats to your customers for the same document. By integrating ZP with your portal or selfcare using webservices, you can provide them with a GUI from which they could decide which format they want to be notified with. ZP comes as well with a pre-integrated and turnkey GUI which can be used by the customer service department for handling customer request. Formats supported are PostScript, PDF, CSV, MS Word, MS Power Point, HTML and text.

Finally, because each of your customers is unique, ZP offers you the opportunity to customize document content in order to take in consideration specificities of each of them.




The built-in notification engine generates notifications to the relevant recipients for the relevant documents. It is built on a rule engine which allows a per-user definition about their preference regarding the media (SMS, Email, Mail) and the content. ZP gives you the opportunity of tailoring your communications to the specificity of your customers. In the current version, ZP is able to manage emails, SMS and traditional mail. Other communication protocols are currently under study.


Zango ZP


Because we think it is important that notifications are received, ZP includes natively an intelligent email module which verifies that emails are received. Errors that are manageable automatically are processed automatically so that the client receives his notification in the best delay.

ZP is then able to manage the full life cycle of a document, from his creation until his reception by the expected recipient. In order to make the cycle as short as possible, ZP use optimized algorithms for transformation and notification processing.




Your client can’t find the email you sent? He calls you to inform you that his email address has changed? He would like to be notified in the future by SMS? Zp can help you.

All files, communications and notifications produced by ZP are archived and accessible from a secured user interface. Each user can, depending on the level of his right, search, view, download, send or print documents. ZP allows also document segmentation in order to secure document access based on the content. You have the right tool for managing customer documents and provide them with an improved service.

In addition, thanks to the native GUI of ZP or by integrating the product with your Information System, you can manage notification rules. These rules define who will receive what and how. Typically, Mr John (who) requested to receive his future itemized mobile invoices (what) by email (how).

Finally, ZP comes with a monitoring screen that your administration team will use to ensure that everything is running well.




By deploying ZP, you will save money and reduce your ecological footprint. And as a bonus, your customers will be more satisfied.

The statistics tool, included in ZP, gives you an overview by notification type and draws your attention to the recipients who may be major revenue loss due to their notification choice.

ZP is mainly designed for improving numeric exchanges instead of traditional paper communication. Electronic communications offer your customers more flexibility and easier integration with their accounting and content management solution.

Finally, the pricing policy of ZP is oriented in a way that the ROI can be performed within a maximum of 12 months. ZP is available in a licence mode depending on a combination of the number of notifications to produce and the number of documents to transform. Solutions can be deployed by Zango or with the help of one of our partner. Please contact us for more details.

Use case

Since ZP is live, a major Mauritian telecom operator has already reduced by 33% his paper communication to mobile customers. ZP has been deployed as the main module of their e-billing project. Their objective was to reduce their ecological footprint, reduce operating cost due to paper communication and improve the customer service. Thanks to ZP, customers can now receive their invoices by email using PDF, CSV or both formats. In addition, each customer has the option to opt for itemized or statement only content.