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Eric COQUELIN, founder

Zeetrak is a Telecom Expense Management solution available as a SAAS (Software As A Service) or as a license based product which can be deployed in your own premises.

Zeetrak is designed for Business Customers who have a large number of phone lines and need to put in place procedures to track and control expenses and device inventory. It comes with numbers of KPIs, tools and reports which will definitely help any fleet manager to save massive amount of time.


Zeepost is a Customer Communication Management solution. It is designed for middle size businesses who need to send millions of notifications per month to their customers. The solution targets telecommunications, bank and insurance companies.

Zeepost comes with built-in connector for two channels: SMS, and email. It can also interact with printers for paper based communications. Communication content can be highly customized based on a flexible and standard format defined by W3C (XSL-FO).